Baby Loren

Baby Loren is made with 100% Peruvian Pima Cotton which is highly valued on the global market. The silky-soft feel is a result of the excellent growing conditions in the northern coastal valleys of Peru where it is cultivated.

Peruvian Pima cotton is harvested by hand, resulting in a brilliant white shade that can be easily dyed. Cotton harvested industrially leaves scratchy impurities, which affect the smoothness and create a yellowish color to the fiber. This fiber is classified as luxury because of its 1 3/8" length, ordinary cotton measures half to three-quarters as much in length.

It is not only silky-soft, but it holds up its softness wash after wash, hypoallergenic (it is perfect for babies with sensitive skin), resistant to pilling, durable, etc. At the same time, your baby will get hypoallergenic baby clothes, which is one of the benefits of Pima cotton.

Baby Loren's collection was inspired by a classic and timeless look.

27 products

27 products