About Pleat

      "Thank you for visiting pleat! Pleat was founded on the belief that everyday, elevated, and effortless styles CAN exist for tween girls! When I initially began this journey, I had a long list of aesthetics, comforts, and values that I wanted the brand to portray. I thought for months, trying to come up with a name that would interpret the lifestyle and look I wanted the brand to communicate to customers. It was a study in contradictions – I wanted it to be classic and traditional, yet modern, feminine, and cutting edge. I wanted it to be sophisticated, yet encompass the innocence and freedom of youth. I wanted it to be elevated yet still very appropriate. While I could envision every detail of the brand and its coming to life in my head, I struggled to translate my vision into words on paper. As I started to map out my dream into something concrete and physical via inspiration boards, I suddenly realized that pleats, a technique that has progressed from its ancient Egyptian roots, to its current use in both fashion couture and in everyday life, were continually present throughout my compiled inspiration. Pleats appeared to be an enigma; some were bold and edgy, accented with leather and sharply cut, while others were soft, flowy and feminine. Some were classic while others were modern and trendy. Some were simple, effortless, and breezy, yet still interesting and eye catching. It was apparent to me that I had finally found the single word that embodied my vision and represented everything on my list: pleat. While not every collection will feature pleats, every piece is designed to symbolize their beauty, timelessness, and versatility."


      Sara Fowler 

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